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"All Pro Benefits is truly a one of a kind benefits enrollment firm. They are always so helpful and their innovative processes makes it easy for my employees to get the protection they deserve"
- Pam | HR Ogden Utah
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Leading Voluntary Benefits & Virtual Care Enrollment Firm.

Protecting your employees paychecks and mental well being go hand in hand.  Using voluntary benefits and virtual care solutions to help employees offset out-of-pocket medical expenses, lost wages and keep them productive should be a vital focus for your company.

Why Choose Us

Benefits Design &

We will design a benefits plan and communicate it efficiently to reach the entire employee population, including employer groups with employees located in multiple locations.   


Employee benefit counseling and education is provided based on your preferences, which may include group meetings, whether in person or virtual, and customized videos for online enrollments. 

New Employee Onboarding & Service

Our unique onboarding process is used throughout the year to remove the burden on your HR department with customized videos and emails to new employees. Our team handles the day-to-day servicing including claims, billing, and admin.

Our Menu of Benefits



The word "unexpected" is used to define the word accident in the dictionary.  Paying cash to employees to help offset medical expenses and lost wages due to an Accident is valuable. Nobody wakes up in the morning and thinks they will have an Accident!

Medical Checkup

Critical Illness

A Critical Illness encompasses many different internal medical diseases.  An unforeseen Heart Attack or Cancer diagnosis comes with extensive out of pocket costs and major stress.  A lumps sum payout when diagnosed eases the financial burden tremendously.

Video Consultation

Virtual Care


Life's challenges takes a toll on an employee's performance. Mental health and physical well-being can be treated virtually by licensed doctors & psychologists with Zero cost to an employee. A very robust Employee Assistance Program with 24/7 crisis calls, free legal and more is included.

Medical Team

Stop Loss Medical Plans

Small group medical plans that are geared for the non traditional health plans.  Typically level funded with premium return.  MEC plans that are built around virtual care and preventative care.

Couple in Nature

Life and Long Term Care

Lifetime life insurance plans with level rates gives employees peace of mind knowing that their loved ones are going to be protected. A Long Term Care rider is now an option to help avoid payroll taxes in certain states.

Giving a Hand


Missing work due to unforeseen circumstances means lost wages and financial hardship.  Disability insurance helps employees receive a percentage of their paycheck after

an elimination period.

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