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Critical Illness

Studies have shown that cancer patients have a higher rate of recovery when stress is a non factor.  A lump sum deposit of significance into an employees bank account upon diagnosis can relieve that stress!

Woman with Mask
Breast Cancer Awareness Race

Conditions  Covered

  • Heart Attack

  • Stroke

  • Cancer

  • Organ Transplants

  • End Stage Renal Failure

  • Benign Brain Tumor

  • Various other diseases

Dentist Appointment

Preventative Care

Employees being proactive and getting regular checkups annually can help keep health costs down for your company.  Our Critical Illness plans always pay a wellness check rewarding those employees that get one of many eligible tests..

Family Holiday

Children Covered Free

Our plans typically are designed to cover children under age 26 for free.  When childhood cancer arises, we provide money so that families can travel to the best treatment centers in the world to have the best chance for recovery.

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