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Virtual Care & Employee Assistance Program

Anxiety, stress, relationship problems, and suicidal thoughts are some of the major areas of crisis that are affecting employees every day. Virtual Care and Life Assistance make a difference.

Video Call
Virtual Conference

Virtual Mental Health

Unlimited Psychology and Psychiatry visits all in the comfort of the employee's surroundings.   Employees can choose their providers through an online profile system that depicts gender, background, specialization and more.  Zero copay.


Physical Telemedicine

While Telemedicine is common now, using the service through our Virtual Care program does not count as a claim against your health insurance.  Zero Copay.  Encourage employees to get care quickly to keep other employees healthy and return ill employees to work fast..

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Employee Assistance 

A robust Employee Assistance Program that gives your employees similar benefits that large corporations have.  24/7 crisis calls when an employee needs immediate help, life assistance with children/elderly parents, free legal help, prescription card, and more..

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