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Accident Insurance

Our philosophy is to provide accident plans that make a financial difference in an employee's life. If a current accident plan in place for your employees will not pay enough to replace a paycheck, or cover bills and put food on the table then it is NOT doing its job. Finding a low cost accident plan doesn't have to mean low cost coverage. We offer a plan that is low cost but typically provides twice the amount of benefits as competitors.

Driver Crash
Examining an X-Ray

Main Components

Initial Hospital Confinement, Daily Hospital Confinement, Fractures, Dislocations, Urgent Care and Emergency Room Services, Physical Therapy, Surgeries, Burns and outpatient visits.

Making Appointments

Reward Employees

Most Accident plans pay employees for a wellness check and typically $50 or $60 a year.   The plan we install pays your employees $150 for two visits to ANY physicians for ANY reason and not just wellness.

Smile Check

Difference Makers

Many carriers penalize for not having surgery on a fracture or provide a menu for Urgent Care (UC).  Our plans have NO penalties and pay the total bill of ER/UC visits up to a high limit.

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